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3. CaseTrack technology

This page contains an overview of the software technology in CaseTrack. Please feel free to contact Conejo for more details.

Software architecture

CaseTrack is implemented using Microsoft operating system and network components, including the .NET Framework. Although the usual CaseTrack installation uses an Microsoft SQL Server as a data provider, there is considerable flexibility in this regard (including other DBMS such as Oracle or data streams such as HL7).

The basic CaseTrack configuration consists of the following three tiers:

Interoperability.CaseTrack interoperates with other Microsoft applications, including Excel and Access, through data-exchange mechanisms such as the clipboard and ODBC. CaseTrack can also use the email functionality of its host database (e.g. SQLMail in SQL Server) for user-initiated messages and automated notifications.


In CaseTrack, client data is protected by permissions at several levels:

In CaseTrack, you define a group by naming it, associating a set of users with it, and assigning it a set of client-, form-, and/or field-level permissions. By associating each user with an appropriate set of groups, you can fine-tune each user's permissions for access to confidential client data.


In an intranet installation, typical user-interface response time (that is, the time it takes to display a screenful of data) is less than one second. This varies, of course, depending on the complexity of individual database queries and on the amount of data transferred.

In practice, we have found that this level of performance can be met with comparatively modest hardware resources:

Unlike web-browser applications, where page markup is a significant percentage of the data transmitted, CaseTrack performance degrades well in low-bandwidth settings (e.g. slow or congested networks, encrypted VPN or WAN) because relatively little data is transferred in each query-response transaction.


CaseTrack supports reporting in several ways:

All data displayed in CaseTrack can be immediately printed as well as transfered to other tools such as Microsoft Excel.

For more information...

Please check out our Q & A page for information on other topics including security and customization. And we are always ready to answer technical questions by phone or email.