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1. CaseTrack overview

CaseTrack records information about social-service clients in a database. It provides interactive tools for entering, reviewing, and reporting on that information. CaseTrack's basic functionality is adapted to case management, but it also provides a variety of built-in and custom features for agency-specific tasks.

CaseTrack's visual appearance is clean and easy to use. (CaseTrack comes with a detailed how-to-use-it help website, but people rarely seem to need it.)


Every CaseTrack system is customized to meet the needs of the agency where it is installed.

Basic functionality.At a minimum, CaseTrack implements the following features:

Agency-specific functionality.Every CaseTrack installation supports features that are required for day-to-day operations. Here are some examples:

Of course, not everyone needs all these features. The focus of Conejo's initial collaboration with any agency is to define the functionality that the agency requires CaseTrack to provide.

Licensing and warranty

Conejo Systems licenses CaseTrack to organizations on a site-by-site basis. An unlimited number of copies of the software may be installed at a site. Conejo provides software maintenance (upgrades and incremental customizations to the software as well as individualized customer support) under a separate software-maintenance agreement.

Warranty.Conejo warrants CaseTrack software to be "bug-free" and to meet all functional and performance specifications, from the time it is installed until the end of the software maintenance agreement.