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Richard Wilton


2922 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-4123

phone: 443.874.6719

Professional experience

Go to the Conejo Systems home page 1994-

Conejo Systems

Los Angeles, California · Baltimore, Maryland
Proprietor, software designer and developer: client data-management systems for social-service agencies
Sample C# source code Sample VB source code

.NET framework, SQL Server, Windows 2000/XP; C#, C++, Visual Basic, assembly language; HTML, CSS, Javascript; XML, XML Schema

Go to JHU 2008-

Johns Hopkins University - Department of Physics and Astronomy

Baltimore, Maryland
Associate Research Scientist
C#, SQL, Windows Workflows; MySQL, Perl, PHP
Go to the Expway home page 2002-2002


Paris, France
Customer project manager
Windows XP; Java, JNI, servlets; C++, ATL, Visual Basic; XML, XML schema; DirectX SDK
Check out a photograph of the key players at Obvious... 2000-2001

Obvious Services S.A.R.L.

Paris, France
Project leader and developer: specification and implementation of a streaming-video ("rich media") web portal
Sample C++ source code

SQL Server, Windows 2000; COM+; C++, ATL, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, ASP; XML, SOAP

Take a nostalgic at an OLD photograph from UCLA 1989-1997

University of California (UCLA)

Los Angeles, California
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Director of the Pediatric Medical Informatics program

Laboratory Microsystems, Inc.

Marina del Rey, California
System software developer: Forth language interpreter and graphics drivers
Forth, Pascal, C, and assembly language for Z-80, 80x86, and 68000; CP/M, DOS, and Unix



University of California (UCLA)

Los Angeles, California
Fellowship, Medical Informatics

UCLA School of Medicine

Los Angeles, California


French: fluent
English: native speaker



Wilton R

Windows 3 Developer's Workshop.Redmond: Microsoft Press; 1991.

Norton P, Wilton R

The New Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC and PS/2 (second edition). Redmond: Microsoft Press; 1988.

Wilton R

Programmer's Guide to PC and PS/2 Video Systems. Redmond: Microsoft Press; 1987 (second edition, 1995).

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